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December 11 - 12, 2016

Call for Papers

Topics of interest are all areas of Human Computer Interaction and  Artificial Intelligence, including but not limited to :

Artifact lifecycle management

Consumer and user

Marketing and HCI

Maturity Models in HCI

Semiotics and HCI

Cultural Difference in User interface

Internationalization and Localization

Analysis and design methods

Design thinking

Guidelines and heuristics for design

Human Centered Design and User Centered Design

Information design

Integration of HCI and Agile Methods

e-Learning and Distant Learning

HCI and children

Experimental Aesthetics

Emotions in HCI

Hedonic Attributes

Game Design

Gamification Interface

Entertainment Systems

Ecological interfaces

HCI methods and theories

Affordance and Signifier

Psychological application for user interface

Service engineering

Citizen Involvement


HCI for Food Product Innovation

Social Networks Cooperation

Adaptive and personalized interfaces

Augmented Reality and Environments

Cloud computing

Context-dependent system


Deep Learning Application

Gesture and eye–gaze based interaction

Graphical user interface

Haptic user interface

Information visualization

Intelligent and agent systems

Interaction design

Interaction in Virtual and Augmented Reality environments

Interaction through wireless communication networks

Interfaces for distributed environments

Interfaces for Large Displays

IoT (Internet of Things)

Large System User Interface

Mobile HCI

Multimedia design

Multimodal interface

Natural user interfaces (NUI)

Non–verbal interfaces

Real life environments

Singularity and Its Influence

Smart home

Tangible and virtual user interfaces

Tools for HCI

UX and Usability


Ethnography and field work

Evaluation methods and techniques

Evaluation/Comparison of Usability and UX methods

Human Factors engineering approach

ISO and other International Standards

Novices and experts

Qualitative and quantitative measurement and evaluation

Standards in Usability, Accessibility & UX

User experience

Artificial Intelligence:

Brain models, Brain mapping, Cognitive science

Natural language processing

Fuzzy logic and soft computing

Software tools for AI

Expert systems

Decision support systems

Automated problem solving

Knowledge discovery

Knowledge representation

Knowledge acquisition

Knowledge-intensive problem solving techniques

Knowledge networks and management

Intelligent information systems

Intelligent data mining and farming

Intelligent web-based business

Intelligent agents

Intelligent networks

Intelligent databases

Intelligent user interface

AI and evolutionary algorithms

Intelligent tutoring systems

Reasoning strategies

Distributed AI algorithms and techniques

Distributed AI systems and architectures

Neural networks and applications

Heuristic searching methods

Languages and programming techniques for AI

Constraint-based reasoning and constraint programming

Intelligent information fusion

Learning and adaptive sensor fusion

Search and meta-heuristics

Multisensor data fusion using neural and fuzzy techniques

Integration of AI with other technologies

Evaluation of AI tools

Social intelligence (markets and computational societies)

Social impact of AI

Emerging technologies


Machine Learning

Statistical learning theory

Unsupervised and Supervised Learning

Multivariate analysis

Hierarchical learning models

Relational learning models

Bayesian methods

Meta learning

Stochastic optimization

Simulated annealing

Heuristic optimization techniques

Neural networks

Reinforcement learning

Multi-criteria reinforcement learning

General Learning models

Multiple hypothesis testing

Decision making

Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) methods

Non-parametric methods

Graphical models

Gaussian graphical models

Bayesian networks

Particle filter

Cross-Entropy method

Ant colony optimization

Time series prediction

Fuzzy logic and learning

Inductive learning and applications

Grammatical inference

Graph kernel and graph distance methods

Graph-based semi-supervised learning

Graph clustering

Graph learning based on graph transformations

Graph learning based on graph grammars

Graph learning based on graph matching

Information-theoretical approaches to graphs

Motif search

Network inference

Aspects of knowledge structures

Computational Intelligence

Knowledge acquisition and discovery techniques

Induction of document grammars

Latent semantic analysis

Aspects of natural language processing

Intelligent linguistic

Aspects of text technology


High-throughput data analysis

Computational Neuroscience

Computational Statistics

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